A trip down under | Sand-surfing, Lancelin

Remember when I said I have sand in my hair for the whole week? Here’s why!

There are quite a number of sand dunes along our drive from lunch at Lobster Shack. It was definitely a great experience for us, even my parents enjoyed it! If you are sensible, it’s quite a safe sport for anyone (unless falling into soft sand hurts for you).

DSC00935It’s quite a sight, but the climb to the peak for a 10 -15 seconds slide down and lugging a slightly heavy board all the way up the hill is quite a task for someone who’s not as fit (I’m that someone).

DSC00965#FunTips : Rub the wax on the board vigorously for a smooth surf. You need it!


#Traveltips 1 : The location is not super accurate on Google maps, so if you are lost, stop by at the entrance to the town – there will be a big signboard with a map that shows you where it is! (that’s how we did it)

#Traveltips 2 : You don’t have to rent the surfboard earlier in town. You can rent it from the guy at the entrance – same price, less hassle.

#Traveltips 3 : Please make sure you do not have anything in your pockets, jewelries, or anything you can easily loose. No way you can get in the sand like Uncle Scrooge with his mountain of coins.


Location :
Fee : AUD 10 per board for 2 hours ( more than enough time)

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A trip down under | Lobster Shack, Cervantes

I LOVE seafood, and even if you don’t (so long you don’t hate it or have nasty allergies!)-you’ll surely love Lobster shack too! Lobster shack was on my list of things to do (EAT), and when I saw that their kitchen was closed due to a fire, I was so disappointed. Stef brought me here anyway to try our luck, and I’m so glad he did! There wasn’t any hot food, but I didn’t mind it at all!

IMAG5585The lobsters and shrimps were juicy, fresh and succulent. For AUD 55, we received a full lobster with shrimps, a drink and great dipping sauce.


Look at this awesomeness!!
Look at this awesomeness!!


Location : 11 Madrid St, Cervantes WA 6511, Australia
Hours :  Kitchen opens 11am – 3pm, Factory tour 12.30pm – 3.30pm
Price : $
Ambience : Casual
Rating : 4.5/5

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A trip down under | Pinnacles Desert, Lake Thetis

Day 3: We drove up to the Pinnacles Desert, had some amazing lobsters, got sand in my hair for the next 7 days from the sand dunes, and checked out the wonder of stromatolites – all in a comfortable relaxing full day trip.

To start, the Pinnacles Desert was really a sight to behold within Nambung National Park. The drive towards it from the city was rather pleasant with impressive view of the white sand, sea, and Australian bushes (some burnt ones). We stopped at a few viewpoints, and stumble upon a wonderful empty beach as well. *Couldn’t resist the jump shot, mind me*


The drive within Pinnacles was amazing. Thousands of limestone pillars of all shapes and sizes along the 4km drive. You may walk, and the official walking distance is 1.2km.  There is definitely tons of photo opportunities, and we can park your car at the side of the road wherever we feel like it ( pretty limited space but if you wait for a minute, people are usually done fairly quickly – unless its a tour van! )


IMAG5566 We went for a quick look at the Discovery Centre for a quick stop, and drove out to see the stromatolites at Lake Thetis before lunch.


Straomatolites are layered rocks, created by single-celled microbes known as cyanobacteria over 3500 million years ago, in other words – the oldest living thing on earth. It is a wonderful view  but probably not worth going all the way for unless you are around the area.

All and all, we had a great half day here!

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A trip down under | Twilight Hawker’s market

In the evening, we visited the Twilight Hawker’s market. Twilight Hawkers’ market features over 50 stalls (perhaps more?) that does every cuisine and dish imaginable. From Turkish to Thai, Greek to good ol’ burgers and desserts (honey cakes,gourmet marshmallows, gelato, and more!), this place was heavenly!

There was live music and the entire space smells incredible with a huge crawl of hungry people. It was definitely worth a visit looking that there is practically nothing to do besides eating out in Perth after 5pm, and we love food (obviously)!


WassupDog stand
delicious Turkish Shaksuka ~
delicious Turkish Shaksuka ~
Stef queuing at the Bratwurst Stand
Vanilla Crème brûlée ~
Marshmalloz stand~


#TravelTips : The only issue here is getting a decent place to sit – so be creative (get a mat or something)! Come via free intercity buses or train as parking might be slightly challenging too. Be hungry and bring lots of cash!


Location : Forrest Place, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Opens every Friday from 4.30pm – 9.30pm ( 16th October 2015 – 29th April 2016 only) *check their site for next year’s timing*

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A trip down under | Caversham Wildlife Park, Perth

Next, we drove to Caversham Wildlife park to check out Aussie’s amazing wildlife. Caversham is located within Whiteman’s park, so you will definitely have a lot to do within that area. Caversham is unique compared to other wildlife parks or the zoo, in the sense of it being really cozy, and giving visitors a lot of close-up opportunities with the wildlife.

The entrance fee to Caversham includes everything you do in the park from petting Koalas, watching(and participating) in the farm show, meeting a huge Wombat and his friends, feeding is kangaroos and more.

[ Koala cheap mlb jerseys up-close wholesale mlb jerseys ]

The kangaroo wholesale nfl jerseys feeding grounds are a highlight for my Mallorca family, as the food was provided in the park ( #TravelTips wholesale nba jerseys :  it looks like a garbage can within the gazebo) and the kangaroos are docile wholesale mlb jerseys and mostly hungry. After canvassing the area,  at least studenter 40% were albinos and Autokurgan joeys, so the experience was really | something.


Some fond moments …


[ #chowtime ]




[ Picture time with A Mr Heavy Wombat! ]


[ Sheep shearing by the professionals ]

It’s best to go in the morning to avoid the about heat (only if you are here in summer!). and Alternatively, arrive late afternoon before 2.30pm .

#TravelTips : Do allocate at least two hours for a chance to do all the shows and sessions at ease. We walk fairly quick, so 3 -4 hours with kids ( good condition for baby-strollers)

We really enjoyed our time there ( which made us all like kids again ) and would most likely visit again in the future as there are some small areas that was under constructions.  

For more info : http://www.cavershamwildlife.com.au/

Location : Caversham Wildlife Park ,Whiteman Park, Whiteman, WA, 6068
Opening hours : 9.00am to 5.30pm , daily except for Christmas.
Tickets : Adult ( AUD 27 ) , Child ( AUD 12 ), Student and Senior ( AUD 19 )


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A trip down under | King’s Park, Perth

After a well rested day 1, it’s time for some fun in the sun.

We grabbed some pastries and coffee around the corner, and got our rental car from Hertz via Perth’s amazing intercity bus ( I can’t believe it is free!!). Note : #TravelTips to getting a car in Perth is coming soon! 

First on the list, King’s park. The drive through the park was splendid. If you have the time, definitely stroll around, with maybe an afternoon picnic to enjoy the spectacular view of the city and the water whilst surrounded by mother nature. It was far too hot for us, so we drove around the park and stop over at the big Baobab tree to visit the Lotterywest Federation walkway or some called it the glass bridge.  

Kings Park


[A photo of mummy dearest on the Lotterywest Federation walkway]

We took a short stroll through the bridge, took in the amazing view and spot some wildlife and birds, and walk through the online Success Path. I hold this Perth quote create on the wholesale nba jerseys ground dearly : “to all those who love to play and dare to dream, thank you.” Finally, some overdue appreciation!!



Off we ran into the car to escape the heat, but it was definitely worth the trip here. #mustdo

#TravelTips: always bring a binocular with you, you never know what you’ll catch! I do not know much about birds but there are so many different species we have spotted on such a short stroll, so that was really something!


#TravelTips : The drive in the park was wonderful, wholesale nfl jerseys with some view points to stop at – but it is far Ribs too big to be on foot cheap mlb jerseys (don’t be too ambitious!), so get a bike if you can.

For more info : http://www.bgpa.wa.gov.au/kings-park

Location : Perth WA 6005, Australia
Opening Hours :  24/7
Admission : Free

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A trip down under | Ribs and Burgers

It’s impossible to miss even though it could be slightly hidden, especially the long queue during rush hour and dinner time.

We went over to the only (correct when I wrote this) Ribs and Burgers place in WA, on William street.

We ordered lamb and pork ribs, with a burger to share. The portion was great, and those chips/fries are amazing!!

ribs and burgers

Not much to say, come hungry. Those ribs are tender, juicy and soft enough to fall off the bones. Salad was just to feel less sinful, and the fries are crispy. Burger was good, but if I have to choose, I’ll definitely go for the ribs. 

ribs and burgers


Check cheap NFL jerseys them your out cheap MLB jerseyshttp://ribsandburgers.com
Opening times : Sun – Thurs (11am – 9:30pm), Fri-Sat (11am – 10pm)
Location : Shop 24, 140 William Street, Perth WA 6000
Ambiance Hanging : cheap jerseys Great, down fast-food for like
Price Neues : Kim’s $$
Overall wholesale NBA jerseys rating cheap jerseys from China : 8.7/10

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A trip down under | Perth

Western Australia (WA) is an amazing place to be if you like road trips, wonderful scenery and lifestyle. Recently over the holidays, Stef and I along with my parents took a quick 6 days holiday to see the best of Perth and its surrounding. Let me cheap jerseys just say, cheap jerseys we were superbly well rested and in awed with what WA has to offer despite the scorching summer temperament.

I would like to share with you our trip itinerary as I have had quite some challenges to get all the necessary input searching online on what to do with a family of four.


Day 1 (half day) :

First and foremost, we arrived at Perth airport – superbly smooth as Perth Airport is well designed and getting out of there was no fuss at all. Once out, the sign for public transportation was clear, and we quickly got into a taxi.

Our first night there we have decided to stay at the Central Business District for ease of exploration the next day – and to easily pick up our car over at Hertz. Stefan chose The Royal Hotel Perth – its central, really really old ( from 1882 ), 5 minutes from the train station, and walking distance to Elizabeth Quay Is for some great stroll along the Swan River, wholesale nfl jerseys and close proximity to tons of great restaurants and cafes, : most notably for me Ribs and Burgers, as well as Jamie’ Italian.

IMAG5492 IMAG5491A view from our bedroom (top) and the actual view of the hotel back in those days (bottom)

Something to Hello note : do not book Royal Hotel Perth if

  • You have huge and heavy luggage (no elevator in sight)
  • You are a light sleeper (the windows are shaking like there is an earthquake from cheap jerseys cars passing by at all hours)
  • It’s really, really old (so if you dig classic settings , by all Chris means)

Otherwise we had a pretty (Нидерланды) budgeted, decent stay and enjoyed the proximity to Coles supermarket.

The stroll along Swan River and view of the Bell Tower at night was pretty pleasant as well. It’s lively, and there was a wonderful laser show at the water every 20-30 minutes. Definitely a great place for wine, dine and romantic night stroll. We went there around sunset, and the water is so clear we could see jellyfishes close to the dock.

Perth CBD Elizabeth Quay

Perth CBD

Water laser show

It’s wonderful, filled with perhaps tourist as CBD is pretty quiet after hours, and do google up events happening over and around Elizabeth Quay. One thing to note though, 7-Eleven closes at 9pm – so if you need something, get it early!

Pretty delightful first day all and all. Onwards to day 2 …

Sign off,

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