A trip down under | Pinnacles Desert, Lake Thetis

Day 3: We drove up to the Pinnacles Desert, had some amazing lobsters, got sand in my hair for the next 7 days from the sand dunes, and checked out the wonder of stromatolites – all in a comfortable relaxing full day trip.

To start, the Pinnacles Desert was really a sight to behold within Nambung National Park. The drive towards it from the city was rather pleasant with impressive view of the white sand, sea, and Australian bushes (some burnt ones). We stopped at a few viewpoints, and stumble upon a wonderful empty beach as well. *Couldn’t resist the jump shot, mind me*


The drive within Pinnacles was amazing. Thousands of limestone pillars of all shapes and sizes along the 4km drive. You may walk, and the official walking distance is 1.2km.  There is definitely tons of photo opportunities, and we can park your car at the side of the road wherever we feel like it ( pretty limited space but if you wait for a minute, people are usually done fairly quickly – unless its a tour van! )


IMAG5566 We went for a quick look at the Discovery Centre for a quick stop, and drove out to see the stromatolites at Lake Thetis before lunch.


Straomatolites are layered rocks, created by single-celled microbes known as cyanobacteria over 3500 million years ago, in other words – the oldest living thing on earth. It is a wonderful view  but probably not worth going all the way for unless you are around the area.

All and all, we had a great half day here!

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