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Western Australia (WA) is an amazing place to be if you like road trips, wonderful scenery and lifestyle. Recently over the holidays, Stef and I along with my parents took a quick 6 days holiday to see the best of Perth and its surrounding. Let me cheap jerseys just say, cheap jerseys we were superbly well rested and in awed with what WA has to offer despite the scorching summer temperament.

I would like to share with you our trip itinerary as I have had quite some challenges to get all the necessary input searching online on what to do with a family of four.


Day 1 (half day) :

First and foremost, we arrived at Perth airport – superbly smooth as Perth Airport is well designed and getting out of there was no fuss at all. Once out, the sign for public transportation was clear, and we quickly got into a taxi.

Our first night there we have decided to stay at the Central Business District for ease of exploration the next day – and to easily pick up our car over at Hertz. Stefan chose The Royal Hotel Perth – its central, really really old ( from 1882 ), 5 minutes from the train station, and walking distance to Elizabeth Quay Is for some great stroll along the Swan River, wholesale nfl jerseys and close proximity to tons of great restaurants and cafes, : most notably for me Ribs and Burgers, as well as Jamie’ Italian.

IMAG5492 IMAG5491A view from our bedroom (top) and the actual view of the hotel back in those days (bottom)

Something to Hello note : do not book Royal Hotel Perth if

  • You have huge and heavy luggage (no elevator in sight)
  • You are a light sleeper (the windows are shaking like there is an earthquake from cheap jerseys cars passing by at all hours)
  • It’s really, really old (so if you dig classic settings , by all Chris means)

Otherwise we had a pretty (Нидерланды) budgeted, decent stay and enjoyed the proximity to Coles supermarket.

The stroll along Swan River and view of the Bell Tower at night was pretty pleasant as well. It’s lively, and there was a wonderful laser show at the water every 20-30 minutes. Definitely a great place for wine, dine and romantic night stroll. We went there around sunset, and the water is so clear we could see jellyfishes close to the dock.

Perth CBD Elizabeth Quay

Perth CBD

Water laser show

It’s wonderful, filled with perhaps tourist as CBD is pretty quiet after hours, and do google up events happening over and around Elizabeth Quay. One thing to note though, 7-Eleven closes at 9pm – so if you need something, get it early!

Pretty delightful first day all and all. Onwards to day 2 …

Sign off,

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